Thursday, 23 June 2011

Background Artist for El Macho

In May 2010 I asisted on a graduation animation film being made at the National Film and television School. The film I was working on is called El Macho, directed by Daniela Negrin. I worked as a background artist, using a silkscreening technique to produce vibrant colours and neat, geometric shapes.

Watch the trailer or find out more about Dani's film here:

Here are some of the backgrounds we produced:

Barbican Screening

Music video River Wolf is to be screened at the Barbican Centre as a short shown before feature film Incendies from the 24th to the 30th June 2011:

'River Wolf (PG*)
Delicately crafted figures and beautiful paintings come alive to animate a poetic song.' - The Barbican

Click here to read more!

My video was one of 6 selected as winners of Barbican/Ideastap's Animate! Competition which is being run in conjunction with the Watch Me Move animation season held at the Barbican.

I am excited to have it shown on a large screen, as are The SeaZora, the band behind the track.